I want to embed a GPT-based chatbot into my Wix website

So I made a customer service chatbot for my website, but I don’t know how to actually embed it into my site. Are there certain steps I can follow to get it onto my site?

so the easiest way to do this would be through an iframe… wix directly support this… a quick search of their help/support documentation on the wix site should easily guide you through this if you aren’t familiar with iframes. i havent logged into wix in a couple months really because i have been balls-deep in some heavy coding trying to actually make a web appplication / site that will simplify the open ai process using “API’s” to do what you are trying to achieve (i would say API’s are the “right way”) basically having a command center with tabs for each feature and on each tab would be whatever you needed to test anything api related and even make “shortcode” to drag and drop your AI creations onto your page. expoanding on what retool is doing and making it even more user friendly than it is… its free and fun to play with… go to retool.com and setup a free tier account and then create an app and use the AI templates at first and then start playing with the api and code. it allows you to even show the code for the stuff you make. and maps out whats doing what and where this and that are going. but again… simplest way on wix would be the embedding. click the add element button and then scroll down unti you see something that says something to the effect of (i believe anyways) embed (maybe insert) html or possibly iframe. hope this helps

i suppose its worth mentioning that the last time i was playing around on wix, they had an app you could “demo” that you plug in your chatgpt / openai api key and then you can import an assistant or at least link to it or duplicate the data / prompts for one… im pretty sure you can train it and such but i stopped playing with it because business picked back up. funny thing was though that i was able to enable it on the site and keep it there just by playing with the site code in the dev console of chrome, and then saving the changes of the webpage… it actually worked lol