Studio - Private Domains

Hey - any news on the date when you’ll be enabling private domains for studios?

I have a few things I’d like to test with users, but would love to do that with a private domain if thats coming soon?

Private domains for your Pickaxes is currently live! We just launched it yesterday. In the Studio builder, just click on the “Share” button and then “Add a domain”.

The process is bare bones currently, but it works. We’ll spruce it up and add some walkthroughs in the coming days.

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Thanks - All setup successfully.

I have a private domain attached to my Studios but the invitation link shows

And the weblink stays even after the user logs in. The domain name only shows when I enter it into the hyperlink and select enter. Can the Pickaxe weblink be completely white labeled?

Can the Domain link have an indication color (like green) to show that it is connected? It show Orange when is is having problems. Unless you are know that the grey means it is connected. you could be spinning your wheels until you speak with someone. It happened to me…lol
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Hi there,

Thanks for the feedback! You should be able to select a domain when inviting members now.

If you have your studio hosted at a custom domain, you can designate what link you want invitations to come from. Since you posted this question, we have also made the custom domain the default.